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DVD to OVT Upgrade

You may upgrade your existing IPC DVDs to the OVT (Online Video Training) format whenever equivalent or replacement OVTs are available – and still keep your original DVD for use in the classroom. Deduct the entire IPC member / nonmember purchase price of your DVD against the cost of either an equivalent OVT "Site" or "Global" license.* An example of such an upgrade would be a DVD-16C upgraded to an OVT-16C Site or Global program.

Some DVD titles may have been discontinued, however, and do not have an exact or equivalent match to an existing OVT part number. Yet, for many discontinued DVDs, there may be replacement OVT titles available. You may then deduct 50%, or half off, the value of your DVD against such an OVT purchase. For example, DVD-14C was replaced by DVD-18C. Past purchasers of DVD-14C, therefore, would receive a 50% credit from the member /nonmember cost of their DVD towards an upgrade to OVT-18C (Site or Global).

Contact IPC Training with your list of DVDs in order to receive these special discounts towards an OVT upgrade.

*Nonmembers must prepay for all IPC orders, using check or credit card. IPC members may use a purchase order. To receive the member price, IPC must bill-to and ship-to the paid IPC member location. There is no charge for shipping within the U.S., however, there are additional shipping and handling charges for OVTs shipped outside the U.S.

Advantages to OVTs include:

- Digital format allows for network / intranet availability.
- Creates instant online learning.
- Allows for 24/7 usage.
- No trainer or classroom required.
- Automates training and testing.
- Rolls out quickly across your enterprise.