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Types of Products

Click on any category for a complete list of products available in each media type. See our Permissible Use page for licensing restrictions on any product type listed below.

IPC EDGE - Online Learning Portal
IPC videos are now available via the web for single-use purchase. IPC EDGE is an online learning platform for trainers to register students and maintain / download their training records. If you have a limited number of operators who need training, this is a more economical option than an unlimited use DVD or OVT. Online instruction via the IPC website allows you to train students without stopping production and setting up a classroom training session or developing your own internal Learning Management System. EDGE contains the same videos / testing and certificates of completion we offer in our media formats described below. Available anytime, anywhere.

DVD - Digital Video Disc (Complete Product Listing)
With the added advantages of random-access menu control, easy storage and portability, optional subtitles for the hearing impaired (Sec. 508C compliant) and special dual-language versions (e.g., Spanish/English, Chinese/English), DVDs work well in group presentations or individual training sessions. All training support materials (such as Leader's Guides, Training Certification Exams and Student Certificates) come available for free download over the web. Or, use our free instant online testing for automated scoring, certificate generation and email notification. You can even “try before you buy,” because each of these products are available for free preview in their entirety using the Free Review links provided for every item. All DVD training programs are delivered in standard-definition DVD-R format, and are for unlimited students per facility, with no added license fees, yearly renewals or expiration dates. All newer titles are shot in Hi-Definition, and are available in standard definition DVD and the Blu-ray hi-def video format.

OVT - Online Video Training - For YOUR server (Complete Product Listing) Our OVT format gives you all need to create your own computer-based learning network or intranet. Access the same training that is found on our DVD programs, but with built-in automated testing, scoring, certificate generation and email notification of exam results. These SCORM-Compliant training applications will even run within your Learning Management System (LMS), for automatic capture of student test data. OVT is a flexible platform that encourages user customization to include your own company-specific procedures and policies. It even allows for translation of both the exam and the optional English subtitles into numerous languages. Includes IPC Training Certification, and is available as a Site License for single facility, or a Global License for multiple facilities worldwide. Buy once, use forever, for unlimited students - with no additional license fees, renewals or expirations.

OTL - Online Training LibraryOn IPC Server (Complete Product Description)
A one-year license provides online access to the complete library of IPC Assembly Video Training. With just an internet connection, Company ID and password, you can have an instant Online University at your fingertips. Imagine having unlimited access to almost 70 video training titles – covering all of the critical elements of electronics assembly – from ESD to IPC-A-610 Quality Requirements. Also includes new titles as they are released. The Online Training Library makes it easy for trainers – with automated / randomized testing, scoring, certificate-generation and email notification of test results. We also make it painless for your IT department – with no costly and time-consuming network implementation or upgrades required. If you’ve always wanted to own the complete set of IPC Online Video Training with Training Certification, but haven’t had the resources, this is the fastest and simplest way to start. Checkout our free online demo.

DRM - Training & Reference Guides   (Complete Product Listing)
Handy (and portable!) printed spiral-bound reference guides on Surface Mount & Through-Hole Solder Joint Acceptability, Component Identification, Wire Prep/Crimp Acceptability and Electronics Assembly. Sample Training & Reference Guides in PDF format are available for free review before purchase. Prices include discount for quantity purchases.

Image Resources (Complete Product Listing)
Digital Clip Art on DVD-ROM from a wide variety of close-up defect photography and computer-generated graphics, covering both printed circuit assembly and fabrication-related images. Create you own top-notch learning tools with IPC's quality graphic resources for unrestriced in-house use. (See our licensing information.) Complete PDF samples available as Free Review.

Wall Posters (Complete Product Listing)
Make a "Big" impression with these 20 x 28 inch Surface Mount and Through-Hole solder Joint Evaluation Posters. Contains all the major acceptance criteria from the IPC-A-610 and IPC/EIA J-STD-001 for these types of connections. Poster PDF samples are available for review over the web.