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VHS to DVD Upgrade

You may upgrade your existing IPC VHS videotapes to DVDs whenever equivalent or replacement DVD programs are available. Cost to upgrade any IPC video from VHS to the equivalent DVD is $50 per title for IPC member companies, $75 for nonmembers.* An example of such an equivalent upgrade would be a VT-54 tape upgraded to a DVD-54 program.

Some VHS titles may have been discontinued, and do not have an exact or equivalent match to an existing DVD part number. Yet for many discontinued videotapes, there may be a replacement DVD title available, and you may purchase such programs at 50% off the member / nonmember rate. (For example, VT-18 was replaced by DVD-64C. Past purchasers of VT-18 would then be able to buy DVD-64C at half-off, or a 50% discount.)

Contact IPC Training with your list of VHS tapes in order to receive these special discounts towards a DVD upgrade.

*Nonmembers must prepay for all IPC orders, using check or credit card. IPC members may use a purchase order. To receive the member price, IPC must bill-to and ship-to the paid IPC member location. There is no charge for shipping within the U.S., however, there are additional shipping and handling charges for DVDs shipped outside the U.S.

Advantages to DVDs include:

- Higher resolution / video quality.
- Random access menu control.
- Optional English subtitles for ESL & hearing-impaired students.
- Can play in both DVD players or PC’s with projector.
- Easier, more compact storage.
- More durable (make a working copy for the classroom and save the original as a master).